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Laser Tattoo Removal - Brisbane Clinic

Westside Dermatology is Brisbane's premier Laser Specialist group. Our team has been involved in tattoo removal for over 15 years and represents one of Brisbane’s most experienced centres for tattoo removal. Our team of experts have helped thousands of patients remove unwanted tattoos, or provide a palate for tattoo artists to create!  We combine both expertise and the latest in Q Switched Revlite technology to offer the best results possible.

Important facts

  • Specialised Q switched lasers are the most effective ways to remove or fade tattoos
  • Our experts can remove or fade a tattoo, or work in with a tattooist to provide a new palate for another tattoo
  • As a guide 6-10 sessions are needed to remove a professional tattoo, amateur tattoos require half the sessions for an equal result
  • Different tattoo colours require different wavelengths for results
  • Black and red pigments are easier to remove compared to green
  • Local anaesthetic cream is used prior to tattoo removal - patient comfort is a priority
  • Prices for tattoo removal start at $49 per session
  • Picosecond lasers are just about to replace our current lasers- this type of laser will be the future of tattoo lasers

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