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After laser skin care for tattoo removal

Caring for your skin after a laser procedure is an essential part of healing, and is vital for a great result. Laser tattoo removal is a medical procedure and should always be conducted under specialist supervision, this ensures that the quickest results are seen, but patient safety is always maintained.

Important facts

  • Rest after a laser procedure is important for healing
  • Application of a special barrier cream provided by Westside Dermatology will aid in the recovery of your skin
  • Do not let the skin scab up, or healing will be delayed
  • Always keep the treated areas protected from the sun for upto 8 weeks prior and 8 weeks after laser tattoo removal
  • If the area looks infected, or if you experience any unusual discomfort, seek advise from our medical team
  • Westside Dermatology is also tertiary referral centre for Tattoo complications

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