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Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work - Brisbane

07 May, 2013

Lip tattoos are more common than you might think - it’s just that most people don’t notice them.


Lip laser treatments are surprisingly painless after lip blocks. Lips are surprisingly very, very easy to laser. The incidence of scarring is low, and the recovery time is very fast. Also, fewer treatments are needed to remove lip tattoos than on other areas of the body. Westside Laser Dermatology lasers at least 3 lips per week.

Hints for lip lasers -

  • Always use a block on the lip- this makes lip lasering pain free
  • Always protect the teeth with gauze
  • Use lower settings on the laser
  • Always take a medical history
  • Know how to deal with cold sores after laser- if this happens, the whole ordeal can get very bad, very quickly