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Brisbane’s explosion in tattoo removal centres - the good and the bad

07 May, 2013

Some helpful hints and tips for patient’s contemplating tattoo removal. Don't get caught with false promises and treatments.

Unfortunately laser procedures and training is not well regulated in Queensland, and the boom in tattoos over the past few years has led to many new ‘tattoo removal clinics’ opening in Brisbane and Queensland over the past few months.

Here are some helpful points to consider prior to having tattoo removal

  1. Can your laser tattoo removal center treat the colours in your tattoo? Different colours will require different wavelengths of laser to remove. Black and reds are the easiest to remove, whilst blue and greens need a special wavelength.
  2. Can your laser tattoo removal center recognise, and treat laser tattoo complications such as scarring, infection, ink allergy, and tattoo reactions?
  3. Is your laser tattoo removalist using the very best technology to remove your tattoo? This will reduce the number of removal sessions.
  4. Has your tattoo removal center given you an accurate prognosis in regards to the number of treatments required based upon your skin type, location of your tattoo, layering, sizing, colours, and medical history? This is vital to both safety and outcome.