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Laser Tattoo removal and your Tattooist - a great working relationship

26 October, 2011

Westside Dermatology is the only Specialist center that provides laser tattoo removal. Our unique working relationship with tattooist enables patients to replace old tattoo with a new one!

Tattoo removal maybe complete. This is especially in the case of base colours such as black or reds. Colours such as blue, aqua, yellows and greens will need several more treatments – up to 12 for removal. Clients seeking to replace an old tattoo with a new one will need fewer treatments in total. Why is this so?  For a new tattoo or cover up, we only need to fade the tattoo just enough for your tattooist to tattoo over.

Our specialist team will work in close conjunction with your artist to fade the unwanted areas, providing them a canvas to work on!

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By Dr Davin Lim