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Tattoo removal methods

26 October, 2011

Laser tattoo removal, using the new Revlite laser system has many advantages over removal methods such as dermabrasion, chemical peels and surgical excision. Laser removal results in a no scar procedure that is both safe and effective. Colours such as red and black tend to be easier to treat, whilst blue, greens, yellow and orange ink will require more treatments. Professional tattoos require more treatments compared to amateur tattoos.

Laser tattoo removal, in correct hands, is relatively painless, and the cost isn’t as expensive as you might think. We start the process with an initial consultation. During this time we will examine the tattoo and provide a time line of plan of treatment.

Laser tattoo removal works best on pales skin, this gives the laser a better target to hit. Plan your sun protection well in advance of treatment, and keep as pale as practically possible before any laser tattoo treatments. The procedure itself is likened to the sensation of a rubber band snap- much less painful than getting inked in the first place! After laser tattoo removal, the treated area will be swollen and red, settling down in a few days after the treatment. We provide a special barrier cream to aid the healing up process.

Each treatment fades the tattoo, black ink is the first to respond, followed by colured ink. As a guide the average tattoo will require between 6-12 treatments. Treatments are spaced between 6- 10 weeks apart.

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By Dr Davin Lim