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Tattoo removal is dependent on many factors

26 October, 2011

The Revlite tattoo laser is the most advanced laser for tattoo removal, however the number of treatments needed will depend on several factors -

  • Colour of ink - black and red ink is easier to remove than blue, greens, oranges and yellows.
  • Location of tattoo - tats on the neck and face generally require fewer treatments than ink on the extremities.
  • Patient’s skin colour - darker skin types will require more treatments compared to fairer skin types.
  • Age of ink - newer tattoos fade better and quicker compared to older ones. Older tattoos tend to ‘sink in ‘ and move deeper into the skin.

Correct assessment prior to laser tattoo removal is extremely important, the right equipment, coupled with experience will give the best possible outcomes.

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By Dr Davin Lim