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Tattoo removal with creams

26 October, 2011

Don’t try it. If a tattoo can be faded with a cream, your tattoo will be replaced with a scar. Let me digress for a few seconds… Tattoos are particles of ink placed deep in the skin- the dermal layer. This way they do not migrate out of the skin’s surface over time.

The tattoo gun is a device used to deliver ink thru the skin’s surface (epidermis) to a depth way, way beyond the reach of creams. In order to reach the depths of ink particles, creams will have to penetrate the epidermis, thru the upper layers of the dermis, to reach the lower dermal layer. The only creams that can do this are caustic in nature- acids. Acid removal of tattoos have been reported for centuries. Hydrocholic acid via car batteries caused horrific burns and scars, often requiring hospitalization in a burns unit.

With the event of laser, tattoo removal has evolved to become a safe and effective reality. Laser works by  targeting the ink particle and not the skin, minimizing or eliminating the collateral damage. Ink particles are photoacoustically shattered by the laser beam. In fact laser tattoo removal is so specific that different lasers and wavelengths are used for different colours.

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By Dr Davin Lim