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A case of Lichen Planus after laser tattoo removal

26 October, 2011

A 32 year old female presented to us via her general practitioner for a tattoo reaction post laser tattoo removal. She visited a reputable laser center in New Farm for attempted removal of her tattoo 3 weeks earlier. Treatment was uneventful, however one week after laser, she developed raised areas within the treated tattoo area. The laser clinic in New Farm identified this as scarring, however did not refer the client to a Specialist.

She present to us with raised itchy purplish ‘scar like ‘ areas within the laser treated areas. Examination of her wrist and oral mucosae revealed evidence of a common skin condition called Lichen Planus. Topical corticosteroid therapy was commence and the ‘scars’ settled within a week.

This case highlights the potential complications of laser tattoo removal. Side effects can occur, identifying them early ,  and treating appropriately will minimise any complications.

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By Dr Davin Lim