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Tattoo Removal should be overseen by Specialists

26 October, 2011

The booming trade of lasers for ‘cosmetic use’ has deregulated the industry, especially in Queensland. Many ‘laser centers’ have advertised themselves as Medical, however Queensland laws only require Nurses who have undertaken a weekend laser course to supervise these treatments.

For treatments such as hair removal and mild facials these laser treatments are safe, effective and play a vital role in provision of services to the industry.

For treatments such as skin pigmentation, acne scarring and tattoo removal, you may want to consider consulting a Specialist center prior to treatments. These procedures are safe in correct hands, however side effects can occur. Having a specialist on board can pick up complications early- timely treatment often prevents long term consequences.

We have seen a significant number of tattoo reactions and complications following laser tattoo removal from other centers, including infection, hypertrophic scarring, lichenoid reactions and Koeber of psoriasis and lichen planus. Knowing how to treat all skin conditions is essential for safe treatments.

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By Dr Davin S. Lim and Dr Shobhan Manoharan