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Sarcoidal tattoo reactions may herald internal complications

26 October, 2011

Tattoo complications are infrequently seen in any setting. From a Dermatological point of view, or most commonly encountered complication is infection. This may occur after a tattoo, or after tattoo removal. The good news is that if treated early and appropriately, no scarring is seen.

A more unusual reaction is that of a sarcoidal reaction following tattooing. This presents as lumpy areas within the tattoo. This reaction is diagnosed by a tiny biopsy, and confirmed by microscopic histology on the specimen. Once confirmed as ‘sacroidal’ in origin, a through search is made to exclude this reaction which may occur in other body systems, such as the eye and lung.

An early diagnosis can prevent long term problems.

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By Dr Shobhan Manoharan and Dr Davin S. Lim